I am 6 years old.

I like watching animals hunting. My favourite animals are leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, tigers, cougars, caracals and lynx.

My favourite birds are firecrests, reed buntings, kingfishers, ospreys and ornate hawk eagles.

I like drawing animals best because they are my favourite things on earth.

I like watching deer and eagles in Scotland. I like to go to Carsington Water because sometimes I see a kingfisher. I like going to Chester Zoo to see the jaguars, cheetahs and serval.

When I'm older I will go all round the world seeing animals, but I will start off with this country.

My Mum is an interfering Mummy because she wants to interfere with my drawings but I like to do them on my own. She is a painter and she paints landscapes and birds. Sometimes she helps me and I get to use her oil paints. Mummy has nice pencils.